Monday, 13 August 2012

Whole Foods: A Whole New World

My husband called the other day to invite me to lunch... at Whole Foods . It was strange, at best, to be invited to a "grocery store" for lunch, but Whole Foods is not your typical grocery store...

Whole Foods is now located in OKC on North Western Ave. It can be overwhelming for any organic market virgin like myself, but the friendly, helpful staff was readily available if there were questions.

Upon arriving, it was easy to find the cafe, but it took some detective work to figure out how to check out. The Whole Foods cafe offers a salad bar, coffee bar, pizza kitchen, sandwich bar, and SUSHI. Being the sushi fanatic that I am, I chose a tray of sushi and proceeded to attempt to a place to pay for my food. It was next to impossible to figure out where to go, and equally difficult to secure a beverage. Nevertheless, I was aided by an associate, and managed to find a table to consume my selection. The sushi was OK (not the best in town, by any means). Upon finishing, I realized that there were FOUR different types of trash-cans. I do what I can for the environment and all, but this was a little overwhelming. However, the trash-cans, upon further inspection, were well-labeled, and it was quite easy to figure out where to throw-out what.

After finishing my meal, I did some grocery shopping. I have been asked by several people about the prices, and yes they are a bit higher than, say, Wal-Mart . But lets face it, Wal-Mart is an evil corporation that encourages their workers to go on welfare, which is how they offer low prices, right? (I am exaggerating, of course, but who really likes Wal-Mart? Honestly.) Everything was VERY clean and VERY fresh at Whole Foods. The layout of the store took a little getting used-to, but made since once you got the hang of it. In addition, I managed to find some variation of almost everything on my list! Finally, check-out was a breeze. For the check-out time, alone, I will pay a bit extra. I walked right up to an open line... that never happens at the dreaded Wally World. On top of that, the check out associate was FRIENDLY, and they even bagged my groceries for me... Whoa.

My Recommendation:
It is worth the added price for the friendly service and fresh food. On top of that, for you green fanatics, they actually CARE about the environment. I will be back.

Overall Rating: 7

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