Monday, 13 August 2012

Disappointment Prevails-Paseo Grill

My husband, mom, and I visited Paseo Grill for my birthday dinner at the beginning of April, and were ultimately disappointed in the service and quality. 

Despite being right on time for our reservation, and the fact that they had numerous open tables, we had to wait nearly 15 minutes to be seated at our table. Once we were seated by a less than friendly hostess, the night seemed to be taking a turn for the better. The table was very private with a romantic curtain partition between the table and the rest of the restaurant, and the room was dimly lit with candles everywhere. It was a very warm, romantic, and inviting atmosphere that definitely said “upscale.”  We were immediately greeted by our server, who was both personable and timely. 

We ordered Southwest crab Spinach Dip for our appetizer, and when it arrived, we were not disappointed. The dip was extremely appetizing, with large chunks of crab meat and a wonderful kick of southwest flavor. Unfortunately, soon after the spinach dip arrived, our waiter was seated with another table, and the service took a turn for the worse. Our drinks remained unfilled, as we waited a slightly too long for our food to arrive. Given the prices and reviews, I expected excellent food and service, but was immensely disappointed. My husband’s creaser salad was nothing special and gave no value to its $10 price tag. My mother’s crab and avocado salad took on a similar role; nothing special, but overpriced. 

Yours truly ordered the Fresco Chicken Farfalle (a pasta dish), but was highly disappointed to find that it had what appeared to be canned artichokes within the pasta, which gave it a very odd taste and texture indeed. I had nothing to wash this nearly inedible dish down, because I did not get a refill on my drink until half-way through my meal. At the conclusion of our meal, we were brought a parfait (something they were giving out to every table), which was a nice touch…a little too late. Overall, I have had worse, but I have also had way better for way less.
My Recommendation: If you go, expect to spend around $30 per plate for food (unless you order a small salad) and service that is far less than extraordinary.  This is also not a great place to take kids, although has a great romantic atmosphere for a date. 

Overall rating: 4

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