Monday, 13 August 2012

Iron Starr = 4 Star’s

My husband and I visited Iron Starr Urban Barbeque for the first time the other night, and we may just be hooked. ..

Iron Starr is in the 36th and Western area, and owned by the same group that owns Cheever’s Café on 23rd and Red Prime Steak downtown. At Iron Star, they infuse trendy and sophisticated with tried and true in everything from the decorating to the food. The dining area is country chic, with dark walls, modern light fixtures, stainless steel tables, rustic hardwood floors, and old milk jugs with yellow flowers scattered throughout. Their food follows the same general path, with a wide variety of fresh seafood, smoked meat, gourmet salads, and “famous” sides all presented with a sophisticated flare.

When we arrived at Iron Starr, we were seated right away by a friendly hostess. I ordered the WATERMELON sweet tea, which was, in fact, the reason I wanted to try Iron Starr. I was not disappointed. Props to whoever came up with such a great combination; watermelon and sweet tea…who knew? I will be trying to make this concoction at home in the near future. We also ordered the Frito Chili Pie appetizer, which turned out to be like a fancy loaded cheese fries, only with Frito’s. It was spectacular, but did not go over well with my diet (but neither did anything else we ate there). We followed this delicacy with a barbeque brisket sandwich with potato salad for my husband, and a BBQ Club with fancy mac and cheese for me.  I was a bit disappointed in their mac and cheese, as it lacked flavor; however, their BBQ Club sandwich was simply divine.
Now you are probably wondering why I gave 4 star’s and not 5 in the title, given my rave above. The reason is two-fold. 1. The service was slow. The waiter could not seem to keep our cups refilled, and at one point, I refilled my cup myself. Not good. 2. I would like to propose an addition to their menu- a BBQ Burrito, not unlike that which can be found at Mesa Verde restaurant (see next review).
My recommendation: Go, but be prepared to not eat for a week to make up for the pounds you will gain with this meal. They do have salads on the menu, but who wants a salad when you can have BBQ? The prices are similar to that of a chilis, and the portions range from medium to large. And if you go, you MUST get the watermelon tea!

Overall rating: 8

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