Monday, 13 August 2012

Mesa Verde Restaurant- Burrito Heaven

I do love to travel, and my favorite thing to do when I am away from home is to sample the culture’s cuisine. In my travels this summer, my husband and I had an incredibly long lay-over at the Denver airport. We decided to spend some time eating at a restaurant within the airport, and so we stopped at Mesa Verde Restaurant. 

The restaurant is located in the upper level of concourse A, and unless you are a smoker, I suggest sitting on the “patio” (which is a great place to people-watch anyway). The restaurant, service, and atmosphere would not really be anything to speak of if it weren’t for a certain menu item. It is a typical airport restaurant, and from what I can tell, not part of a larger chain. It does, however, have the BEST burrito you will ever taste in your life. My husband has an eye for always ordering items that, at first glance, do not sound particularly appetizing, which is why he was the one that ordered the BBQ burrito (I had Buffalo wings which were decent at best). The BBQ burrito was amazing, (I have heard that their other burritos are quite good as well) and was enough food to feed both of us. It consisted of a large flour tortilla filled to the hilt with brisket, black beans and rice, and topped with a flavorful, tangy BBQ sauce drizzled with a white, cream sauce. It was absolutely delicious, and good enough that I had to visit Mesa Verde Restaurant again, with my coworkers later in the summer, just to get one all to myself!

My Recommendation:

If you eat here, wait for the patio seating. This may be the only smoking lounge restaurant in the Denver airport (not sure), and it is usually very smoky inside. The BBQ burrito, however, is absolutely delicious, and worth a wait. Too bad it is not a little closer to home, but should be a definite stop on your itinerary next time you fly into Denver!

Overall Rating: 8

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