Monday, 13 August 2012

Unlikely, yet FANTASTIC- The Wedge

I have gone to The Wedge on several occasions, but my trip to this restaurant two weeks ago took me by surprise…in a great way. The Wedge specializes in hand-tossed, fire baked pizzas. They attempt to utilize as many local, fresh ingredients as possible, and bake all their made-to-order pizzas fresh. It is a very casual atmosphere that is far from overdone. 

On this occasion, we visited the location on Western with my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and two children (under the age of two). We were immediately seated when we arrived, and were instantly greeted by a friendly, personable waitress. After quickly bringing our drink order, she brought a DELICIOUS amuse-bouche of warm cinnamon rolls for everyone at the table, followed by a plate of dough for the older of the two children to play with. 

It was a nice touch, given that this is not a place one would expect to be necessarily “kid-friendly.” We ordered a plate of the flatbread with marinara sauce to share. It was brought hot from the oven,  at just the right temperature. The flatbread was followed by two build-your-own pizzas with cheese, garlic, and marinara, and again we were quite pleased. When the meal came to an end, the waitress packaged our left-over’s for us, and quickly brought out the check. 

My Recommendation: A great place to go as a family, with a fun, casual atmosphere. If you go, expect to spend $12-$15 for a pizza that easily feeds three adults (A very reasonable price, for such great service). They have both indoor, outdoor, and covered patio seating, and also have a location in Deep Deuce downtown (although I have not had as great of luck with the service at that location).

Overall Rating: 8.5

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